Animal hygiene in poultry breeding

JELUDRY®口爆颜射集锦网盘_口爆颜射集锦网盘 高清完整视频 口爆颜射集锦网盘_口爆颜射集锦网盘 高清完整视频 ,天天日夜班日_天天日夜班日 免费在线完整视频 天天日夜班日_天天日夜班日 免费在线完整视频 , 比基尼线修剪图详解 高清完整视频 比基尼线修剪图详解 高清完整视频 consists 100% of natural fibres and was especially developed to meet the requirements of poultry breeding. It is mite-free and exhibits very low microbial contamination. Our JELUDRY® bedding is highly absorbent and dries out again very quickly. The very high level of absorption of up to 800% ensures that faeces and urine are absorbed faster, meaning that the foot pads of the animals are exposed to aggressive excreta for a shorter time. JELUDRY® also encourages the natural behaviour of animals, due to which behavioural anomalies such as feather picking are reduced.